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Written by Alexander "Tuts" Calinawan   

Daranak falls is a popular summer getaway for locals, neighboring towns and tourists alike. Convenient to get to, about twenty minutes or so from the town proper then a scenic five to ten-minute route into the mountain side from the main road. Even if you came in from Metro Manila, it wouldn’t take you more than three hours to get there, give or take. One of the closest natural bathing grounds near the Metro, Daranak falls is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural formations in the country, protected by government laws and maintained by Tanay’s local government.

A few friends of mine have been to Daranak, so I had somewhat of an idea as to what to expect when we got there. But as to what it is or what I’d see or find there actually wasn’t what I was thinking of on our way to the falls. I was thinking of the name “Daranak” and how it came to be called so. Unfortunately, every local I asked grew up calling the place that and never really did question it, save for one. One answer I got was it was from the phrase “Dadanak ang dugo”, directly translated “the spilling of blood”, due probably to the Katipunero history of the area during the Japanese occupation and where most of the resistance during that time was in the area of Rizal, Tanay included. It wasn’t really a real or sure answer to my question but it was interesting and I figured it made sense. May it be true or not, the story made me smile. I bought it.

Pulling in into the parking lot, the lush greenery alone surrounding the entire place is relaxing enough. I found myself gazing not even noticing the parking attendant asking me for twenty pesos for the parking fee, apparently he found it also amusing that I was so awestruck with nature that he was smiling while he was waiting for me to fork over my payment. We walked to the main entrance and paid all the fees needed to get in.

It opens daily at 8 am and closes at 5 pm, rates go for twenty pesos for adults and fifteen pesos for children, they have picnic huts, tables and sheds. Complete with all the amenities you’d expect from any resort. Tricycles and jeepneys make special trips to Daranak, so even if you’re without a car, you could still get there conveniently as if you did have a ride.

As we were walking on the bridge leading to the falls right after the entrance I was already thinking over and over to myself that I should have brought swimwear with me, as it was a hot day and it would really hit the spot if I could just cool off even for a short while in one of those pools of water that we were passing by on our way to the actual falls. Far from the falls, you could already hear children’s laughter, sounds of people having a great time and a general vibe that this was a place filled with good times and fun memories for countless of generations past and quite possibly for later generations to come.

Reaching the falls, I was now really wishing badly that I could join all those people enjoying themselves cooling off from the hot summer heat and go for a swim myself. I admit that I rarely get this close to nature and just being there, I easily forgot my oversight of not bringing at least a towel. I picked a rock on which to sit on and just took it all in.

The place was pristine; I could imagine it a thousand years ago before anyone ever knew it was here. Approximately sixty to eighty feet high, the falls was amazing, people were scaling the walls, jumping from rocks into the water but most were simply sitting directly under it, letting the water hit their backs. Many have long believed (me included) of the healing qualities of just sitting under a falling body of water. Its like nature giving you a massage I guess. Save for the water and the rocks around, everywhere you looked it was green. Thick, probably century-old trees look down atop the falls, almost making it seem like a natural umbrella that spread around the entire refuge from concrete and industry, making you feel cradled by nature herself. To me there’s nothing more relaxing.

Leaving I formed my own theory as to why it’s called Daranak. It was probably true that it was rooted from the phrase “dadanak ang dugo” and in time got shortened and just morphed into what its called now. I’d like to think now its Daranak not because of its revolutionary violent past, rather than “dadanak ang saya, tuwa at ligaya”, loosely translated “ the coming of fun, laughter and good times”. But whatever you may think the name of the place is derived from, it wouldn’t really matter, undoubtedly you would leave with a feeling of rejuvenation as I did and I didn’t even get into the water.

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I was so excited to visit the place with my friends. sayang di pala pwede ang over night, anyway whole will do . .
SUMMER GETAWAY , May 19, 2014
Ok ba dito pag october d maulan
Leo , September 24, 2013
smilies/kiss.gif so much excite to get there on thursday here we come daranak!!
jelai , August 31, 2013
daranak is one of the best place here in tanay rizal ..a realy beautiful place . , , lalo nah kunq ksama muh unq special someone muh paq punta dto
princess , January 21, 2013
the place is aptly called Daranak- better than the tagalog word 'talon' or english term 'fall'. I noticed that filipinos before don't label places with names but rather give descriptive names, that's why many places are called santolan, manggahan, dulong bayan, or a particular place 'pinaglabanan'. Daranak comes not from 'daranak ng dugo' but from root word "danak" or flow. But instead of 'dumaranak' or flowing its shortened to 'daranak' to describe flowing water.
talon , May 04, 2011
tanay is the great tourist spot of our locals people in tanay..this my favorite pasyalan .every summer we alwyas here..to bath a super cold water in daraknakfalls..i love this falls since i live in tanay...and ilove places of rizal...thanks for making this website..for tanay......mabuhay pilippines..smilies/smiley.gif
richard tala , January 19, 2011
I Never thought that this site was existing..
this will help us (tanay people) to show off how our "bayan" is different from the others..
JP , December 02, 2010
Allan Mendez
i also went there.maybesummer of 2006 thru my mountain bike alone, coming from tandang sora, qc.its so amazing place.even the people around the falls were all noisy, u could hear the sound of birds,with all the very tall trees.
May 16, 2009
... : teodoro , December 14, 2009
Allan Mendez
could you show us Daraitan falls too?
December 10, 2008
... : maridel , December 14, 2009
Allan Mendez
ur amazing, you even think where did "daranak falls" name came fr0m, as 0ther people did'nt even notice bout that, there just enjoying the beautiful and relaxing place of daranak, but its true that when ur there U can have a peace of mind no other to think about just enjoy the water fall.. great thing that there are so many people appreciate it...like U... g0d bless........
April 24, 2008
... : joan , December 14, 2009

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